11 Reasons To Go To CSU Hillel

Hillel is a great place to spend your college career. Get to know other Jews and create memories that will last a lifetime. Still not convinced? Here are 11 reasons you should get involved with Hillel.

1. You know you will never starveCSU Hillel students with Girl Scout cookies

Snacks galore can be found at Hillel.

2. You can expect to have a nice home-cooked meal every Friday nightIsraeli food at CSU Hillel Shabbat Dinner

Don’t feel like cooking and want to meet new people? Head over to the Hillel house!

3. You’ll meet lifelong friendsCSU Hillel Leadership Team Spring 2016

And they’re Jewish. How cool is that?

4. Need to get out of your house or apartment? Go hang out at the Hillel house.Students playing board games at the CSU Hillel house

If you’re having roommate problems or just don’t know what to do with yourself? The Hillel house will keep you busy with food, Netflix and a Wii.

5. There will always be at least one person you can get stats help fromMath GIF - Math AshtonKutcher GIFs

It wouldn’t be a Hillel event (that isn’t Shabbat) if someone weren’t asking for help with their stats homework

6. There are multiple spots perfect for nappingStudents taking a nap at the CSU Hillel house

If you need to pull an all nighter, these couches are perfect for study breaks.

7. An endless amount of swagTwo students wearing Hillel shirts in the mountains

From t-shirts to sunglasses, you can never have too much swag

8. Events for 21+ involve alcoholSenior Happy Hour at Three Four Beer Co.

Brewery tours, bowling and more. Tell us what you want and we’ll plan it.

9. Hillel has a bunch of opportunities for students

From leadership positions, to internships, to getting you connected with other Jewish organizations in your area of interest!

10. We’re getting chickens!Image result for kids and chickens gif

We know you’ve always wanted a pet chicken. As part of our sustainability efforts, Hillel will soon be getting chickens so we know where our eggs will come from and they will eat most of our food scraps.

11. You’ll get to see a lot more pictures with this fro.

Photo of CSU Hillel director Alex Amchislavskiy with an afro
CSU Hillel Director Alex Amchislavskiy in college

How can you say no to the fro?