CSU Happenings September 2022

This past weekend, the CSU Hillel Leadership met to plan out the rest of the semester. We have an exciting line up of events coming to you over the next few months. I would like to take a minute to recognize your leaders for the 22-23 school year.

  • Marissa Cribar – President and Event Coordinator Internship
  • Rachel Geisser – Vice President and Engagement Internship
  • David Kott – Secretary and Master of Documents
  • Sarah Daniel – Treasurer and Marketing/Social Media Internship
  • Josh Geisser – Religious Chair and Song Leader Extraordinaire
  • Anya Kaplan – Hartnett – Tikun Olam Chair and ASCSU Liaison
  • Dylan Curry – Historian, Student for Holocaust Awareness Liaison and Resident Artist
  • Zoe Sernovitz – Ram Kibbutz Internship and Greek Life Liaison
  • Talia Byrne- Harber – Ram Kibbutz Internship and Baking Master
  • Amaury Minino – Academic Advisory and Mathematics Wiz

Over the next year, this incredible team will be your hosts at CSU Hillel for Shabbats and Holidays and will be leading events and programming throughout the year. If you are a current student and are interested in the wonderful opportunities of being a part of Hillel leadership, please reach out to any of these folks or let me know. We are still recruiting for Cooking Crew and Shabbat Committee, which are great intro roles if you are new to CSU Hillel. Have a magical week and blessings to you! ~Mariah

Picnic Shabbat

Friday, September 16th@CSU Hillel

6pm – Services

6:30pm – Dinner

Menu: Mac n’Cheese, Ants on log, burger cupcakes. Vegan a GF options always available.




Klezmer Shabbat

Friday, September 23rd@CSU Hillel

6pm – Services

6:30pm – Dinner

7pm – Music and Dancing!

Have you ever experienced Klezmer music? It is the wonderful sound of folk music from the old country, led by wind, string and accordion instruments. This music is a staple in Ashkanazi weddings and Eastern European celebrations. Here is a link to the Kaschauer Klezmer band performing traditional music!

Dinner Menu: Noodle Kugel, Borscht Soup, Blintzes. Vegan and GF options always available.




High Holidays in Ram Country!
The High Holidays are right around the corner. This year we will be coordinating opportunities with local Jewish communities for services and such. Congregation Or Hadash, Congregation Har Shalom, and NOCO Chabad.

If you are planning on taking any time off from your classes – you MUST fill out a Religious Accommodation form for your professors.

Click above and find it under the student section.


(so if you are taking off Monday the 26th for Rosh – send the form in by 9/19 or 9/16 for extra credit!)


Rosh Hashanah Line up – The Jewish New Year 5783

Monday 9/25/22 – Wednesday 9/27/22


CSU Hillel – 720 W. Laurel

Day of Rosh Hashanah – Monday, 9/26

CSU Hillel house will be open for prayer/homework time 10-3pm, at 6pm we will have an evening apple and honey celebration as well as an intention setting project for the new year. More details to come!


Fort Collins Community Rosh Hashanah Info:

NOCO Chabad – 121 W Prospect Rd Suite 140

Sunday 25th – Erev Rosh Hashanah Dinner and Service 6pm- The Fort Collins Senior Center

Email RSVP: info@JewishCSU.com or call: 720-882-8191

Monday 26th – Day of Rosh Hashanah- Services 9:30am, 11:30am Shofar blowing

Tuesday 27th – 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah – Services 9:30am, 11:30am Shofar blowing

Congregation Har Shalom – 725 West Drake Road •  970-223-5191

(hybrid options available)

Sunday 25th – Erev Rosh Hashanah Service – 6pm

Monday 26th – Day of Rosh Hashanah Service – 9am

Tashlich Service – 5pm @Edora Park 1420 E. Stuart St. Shelter is west of the baseball fields.

Temple Or Hadash

Services are at the Lincoln Performing Arts Center (hybrid options available)

Sunday 25th – Erev Rosh Hashanah Service 7pm

Monday 26th – Day of Rosh Hashanah Service 10am

Upcoming Jewish Holidays – Fall 2022

Yom Kippur: Tuesday 10/4 – Wednesday 10/5

Sukkot: Sunday 10/9 – Sunday 10/16

  • Help plan shabbats, events and holiday meals, menu, food prep, coordinate volunteers, shop, try out new recipes, it is going to fun!
This is a PAID role. Interested, please click the application button – email/dm with questions.


Birthright this Winter!!!

Join CSU Hillel and DU Hillel for Birthright this winter – December 19 – 30th.  For more infomation and to register – please click the link below!

“Dinner and a movie, forget that, I’d rather have a picnic and a waterfall…”

-all outdoorsy folks in Colorado-

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