CSU Taglit Birthright: Day One

Upon arrival to Ben Guiron Airport, the Taglit-Birthright group EZ-36-49 was introduced to Ezra staff and our tour guide Itamar. We then went over orientation and rules by staff. It was clear that by the time we landed in the airport everyone was very excited for the 10 days to come!

On our way to Haifa, Itamar discussed some of the significance and history of this northern city.

As we arrived to Theodore Hertzl Hotel in Haifa, we had an amazing Israeli dinner with a wide variety of meats, vegetables, fruits, and breads. We then split up into four groups and discussed preparation for our upcoming Tel-Aviv day, which consists of many unique activities, along with 3 hours of free time. We later went to bed to prepare for the next days activities.

Overall, Day one was quite short, but there is much more soon to come!