CSU Taglit Birthright: Day Three

Due to it being Shabbat, many businesses around Haifa and across Israel were closed. So because of this we were given the opportunity to sleep in and have a more relaxing day. After eating breakfast, we got together in the hotel lobby for some more icebreakers. We played what we called the name game, in which allowed us to know everyone’s name quite a bit better.

We later walked to a nearby park in Haifa across from city hall with a very nice view and had the opportunity to run around a bit and play some more simple name games. One fun game we played was putting two people in front of a sheet and allow the sheet to fall. Then those two people would try to say the other person’s name the fastest. The one who said it first would win. At the end of our time in the park, it started raining, and started raining very hard, which is pretty rare in Israel. After we left the park, we got back to the hotel and had 4 hours of downtime to relax.

We then later lit the candles and did the blessing for havdallah at sundown. Once Havdallah was over, we went to Carmel center in Haifa to have dinner and see the nightlife in Haifa. We were able to go to wherever we wanted to eat dinner and enjoy ourselves, in which some of us had some Shwarma and we all had a fun night in downtown Haifa. We then later got back to the hotel and went to bed to prepare for the next days activity.