Falling in love at Hillel

Jessica and Drew Lyneis.

Over the 20 years of CSU Hillel, there have been many special moments. From starting CSU’s Holocaust Awareness Week program to increasing the presence of Jewish students at CSU and within Fort Collins. There have been so many amazing students that have come through the Hillel house, and some have even found the love their life! This is the story of husband and wife, Drew and Jessica Lyneis.

During their freshman year at CSU, Jessica saw a flyer advertising Rosh Hashanah. Jessica decided to go partially because she felt compelled thinking it would make her parents back home in the Chicago suburbs proud of her. Drew, from Denver, was already inside the Hillel house when Jessica walked in – and good thing he was, because it was love at first sight.

Drew and Jessica Lyneis at their wedding day, August 2017.

“Right as I walked into Hillel, I saw Drew and it was love at first sight,” said Jessica. “He was charming, handsome, smart and so genuine, I had no idea walking into Hillel that day would change the rest of my life!” she added.

Drew and Jessica at the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

The CSU Hillel director at the time was Josh Samet. Josh, Jessica, and Drew built a strong bond together through their almost 9 years friendship that culminated in Josh marrying the couple on their wedding day last August (2017).

Josh Samet, former CSU Hillel director, and close friend of Jessica and Drew.

“Josh has been an incredible friend and mentor throughout my and Drew’s relationship,” said Jessica. “(Josh) was there the day we met at Hillel and lead us on our birthright trip together. “I am very proud to say I am a CSU Hillel Alumni and I thank you for all that you do for Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community.”

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