Getting ready for the first CSU Taglit Birthright Trip

This will be my first time staffing a Taglit Birthright trip, I am quite excited to be visiting Israel, the land of milk and honey. This will in fact also be the very first Birthright trip with over 10 CSU students going together!

Jerusalem Skyline at Night

To me Israel is a completely different, yet amazing culture compared to that of the United States where I grew up. It also allows me to see Judaism also as a cultural aspect, rather than just a religion, which allows me to connect further with my Judaism. Even for those who are completely secular or non-religious, Israel in a way allows them to connect to their Judaism by showing them the historical significance of certain places in Israel, along with showing them where they came from as a people. Jacob Sorokin said “I am really excited to visit ancient and important historical sites in Israel. More than that, I would like to experience and learn about the history and culture of my ancestors and where I came from.”

CSU students (L-R Jacob Sorokin, Henri Kiovsky, & Alex Kaye) in Denver International Airport awaiting departure on 5/17/17  

I myself am looking forward to everything Israel has to offer, but especially to see my family living there and to make new friends. Alex Kaye said “I am excited to visit Israel, while being able to see the historical sites and the beauty of the land.”

As you can see, we are all very excited for this trip and what it may bring! I feel like it will be a life changing experience for everyone involved.