13 Reasons Why You Should Go On Birthright

Specifically on a CSU Hillel Birthright Trip


  1. The trip is FREE

    Source: Tumblr.comYou heard me right.

  2. You’ll go on a trip with people you go to school with

    I Know You GIF - TheDivergentSeries Allegiant GIFs

  3. You’ll also go with people from around the country

    britney spears cry dont cry

  4. Either way you’ll meet new people

    Wassup GIF - Wazup Whatsup Whats GIFs

  5. You may even find your future husband or wifeIf I Hang Out With You, It's Just The Truth, I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You - New Girl GIF - Hangout FallInLove InLove GIFs

  6. You’ll save money flying out of Denver rather than New York or Los AngelesLil Dicky kevin durant save dat money save that money were gonna save dat money

  7. You’ll eat some bomb food

    bopandtigerbeat.comFalafel. Shawarma. Hummus. Need I say more?

  8. You’ll ride a camel

    joe biden camelAnd you’ll love it as much as Joe Biden.

  9. You’ll learn how to take naps on a bus and even in some random places

  10. You can pick up some Hebrew slangtumblr_n314wiMnWD1rlnuu0o1_r2_500

  11. You will have the best trip of your life and you may not even want to leavevia giphy.com

  12. But you’ll be reunited at school

    best friends boy meets world cory matthews ben savage shawn hunterYou won’t have to miss everyone like people on other trips.

  13. Here’s to going on a Birthright trip with CSU Hillel!

    drinking smiling leonardo dicaprio fireworks cheers

    You can register for the trip here!