We Love Brisket- Jewish Soul Food Shabbat

Last Friday was our Jewish Soul Food Shabbat. We enjoyed a traditional Jewish meal of brisket, potatoes, vegetables, and of course, matzo ball soup, which members of the Jewish fraternity, AEPi, helped cook.  We also had some babka for dessert; it was delicious, or as we like to say in Yiddish, geshmak. We had about 30 people in attendance and it felt more like a family dinner as there were many parents who came.

Before dinner, we wanted to do one last thing for Holocaust Awareness Week, which was February 20th to February 24th at CSU.  For services, we shared personal stories about people we knew or heard about, as well as read stories about those who went through the Holocaust.  

At dinner, we had a prospective CSU student attend dinner.  We welcomed her family to our home and told them why we chose CSU and what makes coming to Hillel at our school so great. Hopefully we will be seeing her as a student in the future!