Student Spotlight: Nevan Mandel

Nevan Mandel

Nevan Mandel is one of Hillel’s most passionate and engaged members, and now serves as President. He is one of the driving forces behind our new chicken coop, and is always looking to push Hillel’s sustainability efforts.

If you asked Nevan where he’s from he’d say all over. When he was younger his family moved all around Colorado allowing him the chance to see our whole state.

Nevan, currently a junior majoring in political science, did not join Hillel right as freshman, that’s because he was at CU Boulder.

“I was originally a transfer student from CU and went to Hillel occasionally there. Then transferred here and got involved in Hillel here shortly afterwards. I joined simply because I saw an opportunity to engage and improve my community. I was excited to have the chance to learn and interact with my Judaism,” Nevan said.

With all the opportunities he’s been given, Nevan has done well to take full advantage of them all for his and the local community’s benefit.

“My passion is sustainability so any type of event around that topic I love. This past fall semester we held a bike workshop with the on campus repair shop “The Spoke” teaching people how to fix their bike. Other events I’ve helped with are interactive workshops like making bread and challah plus Shabbat dinners. Also, seeing how passionate other students are over environmental justice issues is wonderful and makes me confident in my beliefs and ideas,” he added.

One of the most gratifying parts of Nevan’s involvement in Hillel has been the personal development of his Jewish identity.

“I didn’t grow up in very religious household so I started expanding my Judaism on my own by reading different texts. Judaism is more than our books, there are so many communal aspects of Judaism that I was blind to. Hillel has been fantastic in this respect. As well, I’ve gained greater understanding of the context behind our religious scriptures and many of our holiday traditions. These are some of the areas that I think Hillel has been, and is fantastic for,” said Nevan.

Come by Hillel for a Shabbat sometime and chat with Nevan and the rest of CSU’s Jewish community!


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