Student Spotlight: Zack Josephs

Zack in Italy with his girlfriend Hillary.

* Update: Zack is currently living in Arizona and interning at a law firm as he prepares for law school. 

One recent CSU graduate is recent alumni and former Hillel President, Zack Josephs.

Originally from Philadelphia, Zack came to CSU in part due to family trips to the mountains and a few relatives living in Colorado. Zack graduated CSU this past spring where he doubled majored in philosophy and political science.

During his sophomore year is when Zack decided to come join Hillel.

“Freshman year I didn’t really come often, but AEPi (the Jewish fraternity) did some events at Hillel then, but not until the welcome back BBQ my sophomore year did I join. The people around Hillel at the time were one of the main draws for me to join, as well I enjoyed it because I thought it was nice to be more involved in Jewish social and religious initiatives,” Zack said.

Once he became involved with Hillel Zack took the opportunity and became involved in all aspects of the organization.

“I’ve done Shabbat dinners, philanthropy events, cooking and more. This year my main focus has been my internship as Kosher coordinator. In past years being on the leadership team I primarily focused on senior events, such as bowling and brewery tours and other social events for seniors and young professionals,” he added.

For all his involvement and dedication to CSU Hillel. Zack can’t single out any moment because they all are important.

Zack and others making shakshuka at Hillel’s shakshuka workshop – Sweet Justice Photography.

“For me no event is more meaningful than the other, all parts of the experience go together to form my relationship with Hillel. Serving as President my junior year was a unique and special time. It was the easiest way to help shape the organization and by having more responsibilities it was conducive to make a mark on our Hillel,” Zack said. Adding that, “The responsibilities of my jobs at Hillel has helped shape me wonderfully. Those moments are so good at helping with time management, delegation of tasks, organization and more. Those qualities were somewhat shaped when I was younger but at college it gave me an opportunity to have practical experience.”

As the fall semester winds down so does Zack’s time with us at CSU Hillel. This semester he plans to take the LSAT in December and then move to Arizona with his girlfriend (current President, Hillary Lorsch) and begin applying to law schools.

We wish Zack the best in the future!


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