Tid Bits O Torah Episode 3

Parshat Bo

To watch episode 3 of this Parshat Series watch our Instagram TV here ! Below is a transcript of the DU Director’s summary of this weeks pasrshat.

So far, our main man moses has stumbled upon the burning bush found gd and asked pharaoh to “LET MY PEOPLE GO” 7 times all of which pharaoh responded no to which led to gd showing power and seriousness by unleashing a plague with each ask. We hop in this Parshat Bo right after the plague of hail killed livestock and people and crushed the earth to which Pharaoh said the Israelites could go, but after the hail stopped he again said no. 


Yet again Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and say “LET MY PEOPLE GO”, they ask when will you become humble to the powers of gd? If you dont by tomorrow, this land will become covered with lotus which will devour all thats left growing in the land. Now this threat was enough for the courtiers around Pharaoh who begged him to listen, so Pharaoh asked in return “who shall go worship your lord?” All of us need need to pray Moses said back but Pharaoh was suspicious of this and would allow only the men to go. To which gd released the locust onto the land. The swarm came from the east wind and they covered all the land, eating all greenery that the hail had left.


Pharaoh ran to Moses and Aaron pleading the locutus to stop humbling himself to gd to which gd caused the west winds to blow all the locust into the red sea leaving Egypt empty. But Pharaohs heart had been hardened and he would not let the people go. So Moses reached his hand towards the sky and pulled the darkness of night over Egypt like a blanket. For three days no one could see anything. Except for the israelites. Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and told them to go and worship their lord, that all the children and women might go as well but that they shall leave their livestock. Moses demanded that they be able to bring their livestock so that gd may choose the best of their best. But Pharaoh said no, be gone from here may i never see your faces again. 


Gd had one more paige in store but first the people of Israel who listened to gds warnings had to prepare for it.Gd instructs them to set apart a perfect young lamb until four days later, everyone comes together at twilight to sacrifice them. On the frame of the door the blood of the lambs were smeared and the meat was to be roasted and eaten that night with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.  All of it had to have been eaten or burned by the morning. The Isrealites were instructed to have their belts buckled, their sandals on their feet, and their staff in their hands, ready to depart at a moment notice. Gd said do this passover sacrifice every year for 7 days to honor that i have saved you from slavery. They did as gd commanded. 


That night, the lord struck down all the first borns in the land of Egypt. From the first born of the Pharaoh to the first born of the captive to the first born of cattle – except for in the homes of Israelires whose doorposts were covered in the lambs blood. There was a terrible scream that went throughout the whole land as no house was without a dead body. 


Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said “LEAVE with your people. Take your belongings and go to worship your gd. And pray for me while youre at it”. So they quickly gathered all they had even their bread which didnt have time to rise. More than 6,000 of them marched quickly from egypt freed with the help of gd.

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