Tid Bits O Torah Episode 7



So Moses is on the top of Mt Saini and gsd asks him to get gifts from all the people who now love gd as revealing themself to the people! Gd wanted the best of the best! gold silver and copper, fabulous yarns of purples blues and crimson, their best skins and woods, their oils, spices, and stones of lapis lazuli and all the best crystals! 


After making such a deep connection with the people, gd wanted a way to travel with them to protect them as promised and to carry the tablets of gds word! Of course it had to be fabulous! Body and carrying feet made of acacia wood, overlay with pure gold, and angles on top! For such a fabulous ark, a table of its caliber was needed for when the people werent carrying it. And matching bowls and labels of gold for sacrifice as well. On top of all this 7 sets of lamps – menorahs -with 6 branches were needed to provide the necessary beautiful light for this holy set up. Now all of this needed a home of sorts so gd instructed that 10 strips those fine purple,blue,crimson cloths should be held together with gold clasps to create a fine tent  to have all this holiness in.

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