Tid Bits O Torah Episode 8

This week we get a Tid Bit O MEGILLAH for Purim!!

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Hey there and welcome to Tid Bits O Torah where we dig into whats hip happening in our Parshat this week! This week we….emndflkjasfjaojfpi WE interrupt this weekly program to bring you Tid Bits of MEGILLAH!! Today is a very special day, its PURIM!! A holiday of unmasking, truth, and celebration – aka feasting and getting plastered. Whaaaat a holy day dedicated to drinking and deception – you might be asking – well let me tell you all about it! 


Long ago there was a town called Shushan in Persia. It was a sizeable town ruled by a man by the name of King Achashverosh. One day he was bro-ing it up with his Hamman and his other advisors when his queen – Vashti came in. The Kind demanded a show for him and his friends, but Queen Vashti didnt want ALL his friends to see herself in such an intimate way! So she told him “This is my body, MY choice who sees it. And I so not choose them!” So in the classical patriarchal power struggle – he sent her away. 


But now he needed a new queen! The king sent a message to all the ladies in Shuchan “Looking for a cute new boo to be queen, do you have what it takes? She me what you got and well see!” So ladies came from all over the city and surrounding areas to for the show n tell. But one girl in particular was exceptionally beautiful and was chosen as the Queen: Queen Ester – a Jewish orphan ready for a better life. Ester was happy she was picked but picked not to tell the king about her background – being an orphan, keeping kosher, and most of all being a Jew. They got married, threw a lavish party, and Queen Ester was becoming the woman she thought she would never be -. 


Meanwhile, Ester’s cousin – Mordechai – was doing business in the town square when The Kings advisor – Hamman – demanded to be bowed down to. “I am like a gd to you peasants, BOW DOWN!” The townspeople of Shuchan were frightened and did as he asked. All except for Mordechai who knew there was only one gd and it was not Hamman. This infuriated Hamman!! “You JEW better bow down to ME!!” Mordechai was adamant that he could not, it was against his religion. This only made Hamman more angry swearing “Well then i guess I must kill you and all of you JEWS who refuse to see me as a gd.” Storming off, plotting his spiteful execution of Mordechai and the Jews. 


Mordechai signals to Ester in the castle to talk in private and tells her of what happened and Hammans plan to kill their people. Ester is distraught…. She has not told anyone in the palace of her jewish identity – all they know is she is a vegetarian (her secret way of keeping kosher). “Surly the king  will kill me if i tell him…Surly were all going to die!” She tells mordechai. But Mordechai brings the courage he had in the square into their conversation. “I know you can save us. You can tell the king of this eveil plan and save our people. You are QUEEN Ester!!” They part ways not knowing if its for the last time…. 


Ester is distraught and wont eat all day. BUT she has a plan. She puts together a lavish party – the best Shuchan has ever seen! Not only is it the best party in the land – but it is a masquerade – everyone is dressed in masks getting drunk and dancing with who knows who! The King is drunk, happy, and loving his choice for Queen. As the evening comes to an end Ester stands up in a sea of masks and proclaims “ There is a plot to kill the Jewish people!” She rips off her mask and reveals her face “ My people.” She points to Hamman and says “THAT man is trying to kill ME and my people. We Jews have done nothing wrong. Please King, Husband please save me and my people”. The King is STUNNED. His wife who threw him the best party in all of time – killed?!?! “NO” He bellowed. “This will not happen. Instead for your RUDENESS Hamman you shall be killed!” 


SO They tried to kill us, we won, lets eat! This ironic story is celebrated every year on the 14th of adar, as it is the “lot” the day that Hamman had gambled to kill the Jews. But in the irony of the story everything is switched around! So we celebrate by listening to this story, acting as if we are in it by drinking feasting and wearing costumes as they did at the revelation party, sharing gifts, giving to those who need our help reminding us of the help we had needed. So feast up and enjoy this ironic day of courage and salvation! 


Chag Sameach! 

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