DIY Purim Costumes

Purim is only a couple days (Saturday, March 11th at sundown!!) away and if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking of what costumes you plan on wearing.  You know DIY costumes are better than store bought costumes and you want to make sure you have an awesome costume to wear to your Purim party.  If you need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, check out these costumes you could definitely make yourself.

1. Anyone from the story of Purim (Esther, Haman, Mordecai, etc.)

Mordecai costumes
Mordecai costume


You can always go the basic route and dress up as the characters from the Megillah. They’re a classic.

2. QuarterbackImage result for quarter taped on your back costume


If you’re really lazy, all you need to do is grab a quarter and tape it to your back. Then you’ll be an all-star quarterback.

3. Candy RapperCandy rapper costume

Similar to the quarterback, you tape candy wrappers to a hoodie and wear whatever you think rappers wear.

4. Baby BernieImage result for baby bernie sanders

Ok, so you’ll need a baby for this one, but it was too good to not include in this list.

5. Max from “Where The Wild Things Are”Image result for max where the wild things are costume

Take a trip down memory lane and dress up at Max from one of your favorite childhood books.  All you need is a white onesie or an all white outfit with a hood and a crown you can make from cardboard or paper. Or just get a crown from Burger King. Whatever works.

6. Flo the Progressive Insurance ladyImage result for flo costume

Everyone knows who Flo is. Just wear all white an find an apron that you can write “Progressive” on. Don’t forget the name tag! 

7. Baseball Players from “A League of Their Own”Image result for league of their own costume

Take it back, old-school style, and dress up as one of the women from “A League of Their Own.” You can recreate their uniform by wearing a shirt, a skirt, a red belt, tall socks and a red hat. You’ll probably be able to find 90 percent of those items in your closet.

8. A bunch of grapesImage result for grapes costumes

Buy a bunch of balloons of one color and tape them all to your body (wear something underneath, duh). You can also do the same thing and go as a bag of bubble gum or jelly beans if you have different colored baloons.

9. Or any other fruitImage result for fruit costumes

Just get a t-shirt of whatever color the fruit you want to dress up as and add the seeds with a sharpie. Don’t forget the stem! Very easy.

10. Andy’s toys from “Toy Story”Image result for andy's toys costumes

Dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl and just write ANDY on the bottom of your shoe and you instantly become Woody or Jessie.

11. Any Snapchat filterImage result for snapchat filter costumes

Either you have to be really artistic or have a friend who is really artistic to paint your face as a snapchat filter. You can also make your own flower crown or use paper to make puppy ears and a nose. The options are endless.

12. Characters from “Guess Who”Image result for guess who costumes

Remember the old game where you would guess which person your friend had? You can easily be that game! Put on whatever goofy items you have and put a question mark on a red or blue shirt.

13. Bob RossImage result for bob ross costumes

So easy. All you need a wig and a paint palette.  And a canvas if you want to carry that around.

14. Sharkboy and LavagirlImage result for sharkboy and lavagirl costumes

You loved this movie. It is a Disney classic. A perfect couple costume. For Sharkboy, it can be as easy as finding a shark onesie. For Lavagirl, you can find a pink morphsuit and some pink hairspray. You might have to explain your costume when you’re not standing next to each other, but people will think it’s awesome when you tell them.