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Jewish Response After the Failed Encampment Removal- Letter to DU Leadership

May 24, 2024 From:   Hillel of Colorado Board of Directors and Staff Endorsed by: American [...]

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A Clear Message to DU’s Administration

Dear Hillel of Colorado Friends and Supporters: In my May 10th blog, I explained that [...]

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Shabbat Message from Hillel

Click to register for Hillel’s Sunday, May 19, 2024 “Live from Campus” brunch and panel [...]

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Executive Director May Message

Much of what you’ve read lately from Hillel of Colorado concerns campus unrest, anti-Zionism, and [...]

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The Auraria Campus Pro-Palestinian Encampment was gone. Now it’s back.

By Daniel Bennett- Hillel of Colorado Executive Director While Passover still means springtime, rebirth, and [...]

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Hillel of Colorado on the High Seas

It’s been a while since I told you about student life on our Colorado campuses [...]

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An Open Letter to Hillel of Colorado Parents, Supporters, and Interested Community Members

From Daniel W. Bennett, Hillel of Colorado Executive Director Nowhere in Hillel of Colorado’s mission [...]

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Increasing the Light this Hanukkah- Insight into being a Hillel Professional

Bringing light into a dark and difficult time is exactly what Hanukkah is all about. [...]

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About Hillel Colorado

Since Hillel began in Colorado in the early 1950’s Hillel of Colorado has provided students with a safe home-away-from-home: a place to learn, socialize, celebrate, and hone their Jewish values. We build a Jewish community on campus that enriches the lives of our students during their college years and beyond.

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We inspire every Jewish student to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel


Every Hillel’s traditional programming begins with Friday night’s Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony (welcoming the Sabbath together in community) followed by a festive and nutritious dinner that links us to Jews worldwide: past, present and future.  With holiday celebrations and commemorations, weekly educational and Jewish life programming, informal gatherings, social justice initiatives, religious and worship programs, and social events, there’s something for everybody.

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Every study shows that positive peer groups are critical for young adults’ development, which is why community is among Hillel’s most important functions.  Our staff and student leaders are invested in building and maintaining a warm, welcoming, safe, and inclusive Jewish home-away-from-home for those who define themselves as Jewish, Jew-ish, Jewish-curious or Jewish-friendly.  Simply show up and you belong: no membership fees, no dues…just great mentors, peers and free food in our staff-supported, student-led Hillel.  




Hillel is leadership-training-central, as we proudly prove over and over again that tomorrow’s Jewish communal leaders are today’s Hillel student board members and campus interns.  We are in close communication with campuses nationwide to learn best-practices so we can offer skill-set trainings, professional training and coaching so students leaders have the opportunity to take Jewish life on campus into their own hands under the guidance of our trained professional staff.


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Israel as one of Hillel’s three pillars, and along with Jewish Life and Jewish Learning form the backbone of our vision for our Jewish students.  We cannot imagine a vibrant future for the Jewish People, as a whole, or our students, individually, without Israel.  Travel to Israel with us on Hillel Birthright Israel; meet Israelis on Shabbat at Hillel; learn about Israel’s culture and society; and – yes – discuss politics.  All views are welcome as we strengthen students’ Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish homeland.

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Helping students along their Jewish journey through University is our passion.

From Shabbat, Holiday celebrations, social events, to year-round programming, Hillel wants to provide as much opportunity for our students to connect as possible!

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