What We Do

Student-led, staff supported programs at Hillel are filled with celebration, connecting with ourselves and each other while building community, empowering tomorrow’s leaders today, exploring our relationship with Israel, and new virtual Hillel opportunities.

Celebrate Judaism: Shabbat, holidays and learning

Hillel’s traditional programming is built around Shabbat, holiday celebrations, Jewish learning, social justice initiatives, and religious and social programming.


Shabbat is considered one of the holiest days of the Jewish year.  It is our weekly day of rest symbolizing our relationship with the Divine, with our community and with ourselves.  Shabbat at Hillel takes many forms: from discussion to Moroccan, interfaith to Indian, community-wide to disability awareness.  It happens on campus, in the Hillel Houses, in a dorm room or at the fraternities and sororities.  We celebrate in-person or virtually with “Shabbat Kits” provided by Hillel – complete with candles, grape juice, and challah.


Jewish holidays give us the opportunity to mark and celebrate all that is meaningful in our lives: community, new beginnings, repentance, giving back, overcoming tough odds, loving each other, our environment and more.  At Hillel, we think creatively to help our students celebrate every Jewish holiday in a meaningful, authentic way.


It is for good reason that the Jewish people are called – “People of the Book”.  Learning is a core value in Judaism, so at Hillel we will offer learning groups on engaging topics such as Israel, its beauty and challenges; biggest dilemmas and questions in Judaism; caring for ourselves so we can be there for others and using Jewish law and custom to make sense of our lives.

Giving Back

The value of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is embraced by many of our students. We strive to create opportunities for our students to give back to the community, locally and beyond.  One of our focus topics this fall is civic engagement and the November election.  Through Hillel’s partnership with the nonpartisan organization MitzVote, we encourage students to become educated and engaged voters, providing them with tools to approach their civic duty through a Jewish lens.  In past years we have offered service-focused alternative break programs.  While that travel-based initiative is (unfortunately) likely on pause for this academic year, we plan to provide opportunities for students to engage in service and social justice initiatives locally.

Connect: build community

Looking for a welcoming community of friends to spend time with outside of class?  We are too!

Kehilah, community, is one of the most important values of the Jewish tradition, and a cornerstone of Hillel life. We are invested in building a welcoming, inclusive Jewish community on our campuses. All are welcome. You simply have to show up to belong – there are no membership fees!  There is, however, always great company and free food… 

​We want to get to know you!  Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to connect with you…

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Lead: empowering tomorrow’s leaders today

One of our main goals is to nurture and empower the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. We offer multiple leadership tracks to give our students the opportunity to take their Jewish life on campus into their own hands – all with the guidance of our professional staff. Internship positions:


After taking part in Hillel activities for a while and serving at least one term on the student board, you can apply to be our student board president.  A good president is charismatic yet humble, and passionate about creating meaningful Jewish life on campus. A great president will represent all Hillel students, be able to unite all parts of the board and work closely with the campus director to bring the community together.

Treasurer (Development)

Hillel couldn’t exist without the resources needed to keep us going. Help us manage our programming budget, be our liaison to university committees and help us get additional funding that goes directly to our students. In this position you will represent Hillel on campus while helping find new avenues of funding and leading us in deciding how to use them.

Jewish Life (Programming)

Calling all innovators and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating the Jewish life on campus that they dream of. This is the space for you to make your ideas come to life, to create programs and leadership opportunities for your Hillel. This incubator provides professional development, funding, and the chance to make your mark as a Jewish student leader.

Song Leader

At Hillel, we are all about celebrating our Judaism. We cannot do that without music that uplifts the soul. Music is the universal language that always brings people together.  So, if you are familiar with Jewish prayer, can sing and play, and love music – we want you with us.


Campus engagement interns focus on attracting uninvolved Jewish students to Hillel, reaching out to friends and others who are comfortable being Jewish but don’t yet know what Hillel has to offer. Additionally, you will choose a focus project to work on during the year. This is a great internship for students who are incredibly social and like bringing people together.

Media and Marketing

Take over Hillel’s FB, Insta, and Snapchat accounts and turn them into “living beings” with creative stories on a regular basis. You will work closely with Hillel’s social media accounts to enhance our email, FB and other visual identity and communication. The perfect candidate is someone creative and who yearns to tell Hillel’s story and make an impact through the powerful platforms of social media.


One of the reasons why people keep coming back to Hillel – besides the people – is the quality of our food, brought to you by our amazing chefs throughout the years. If you are passionate about food, Jewish holidays, cooking and feeding others – this is the position for you.

Photography and Videography

Document all the Hillel events and happenings throughout the year to assure we have a record of our events professionally photographed, filmed and post-edited. If like to be behind the camera, have an existing portfolio, DSLR or camera equivalent, and access to video equipment: this is the internship for you.


The best way to go to Israel is with all of your friends. Apply to be one of our Birthright Recruitment Interns to guarantee your spot on one of DU or CSU Hillel’s enhanced Birthright trips – and get paid to recruit students to come with you to Israel!


Israel is one of Judaism’s – and Hillel’s – main pillars, a key to ensuring a vibrant future for the Jewish people. It also serves as a flashpoint for many.  As we explore and define our individual relationships with Israel we seek to connect with the Jewish homeland and strengthen our Jewish identities and community.

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