Auraria Campus Hillel

Who We Are

Auraria Campus Hillel is a proud part of Hillel of Colorado – which also includes the Colorado State Hillel and the University of Denver Hillel– serving students with traditional programming such as Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, social justice initiatives, and religious and social programs; leadership programs to train the Jewish leaders of tomorrow, and Israel programs including Birthright Israel travel opportunities and Israel education, dialogue, and advocacy programs.

What We Do

At Auraria Campus Hillel’s home-away-from-home, we offer students many ways to explore their Jewish identities. From Shabbat dinners to holidays and celebrations, fun social programs, Leadership Development, and Jewish learning opportunities, Hillel is at the forefront of cultivating the next generation of Jewish Joy! Here at Hillel, our amazing students are so lucky to take the lead in planning and implementing our programs.

Learning Opportunities

It is for good reason that the Jewish people are called – “People of the Book”.  Learning is a core value in Judaism, so at our Auraria Hillel, we offer classes that take Jewish learning and make it fun!

Auraria Campus Hillel

At the Auraria Campus Hillel, we have some awesome ongoing programming. 

Bagel Break On Auraria Campus

Each Monday (11 AM-1 PM) stop by Tivoli 317 to spread some schmear & cheer!







Birthright with Hillel of Colorado

Want to climb mountains, float in seas, and explore your Jewish Identity? Birthright Israel is right for you!! Contact Lauren if you are interested! 

Auraria Campus Hillel

A Word From Our Campus Director

Lauren Behm

Shalom – I say this not only as a “Hello” but also as a wish for peace to you. We live in an ever-changing world of ups and downs and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help you find your way through them in the flow of college. We at Auraria Hillel explore how our ancient Jewish traditions can be applied to the modern world through learning, song, food, and community!

As the Director of Jewish Student Life, I am excited to embark on Jewish exploration with the Auraria student body. I look forward to getting to know you, so please reach out! I am only an email, phone call, or text message away from sharing a “shalom.”

Contact Me

Student Leadership Team

Lindsay Abramson

CU Denver President

Ellie Rapoport

MSU President

Kyler Kramer

MSU Vice President

Lev Horowitz

CU Denver Vice President

David Rones

MSU Treasurer & Secretary