Student Spotlight: Lindsay Robinson

Lindsay Robinson-Sustainability Chair

*Update: In August Lindsay is moving to Israel for the next year to teach English. 

Sustainability is an essential aspect of Colorado State University and CSU Hillel. Leading CSU Hillel’s sustainability efforts this year is Lindsay Robinson. Sustainability is a pillar of Hillel because it follows the Jewish values of giving back to, and being kind to the earth and world around us.

Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Lindsay is a perfect fit to lead sustainability efforts at Hillel. As a senior Food Science major she is keenly aware of what entails producing sustainable food and other environmentally friendly projects.

“I really like food science because it teaches you about what goes in your body and how you can produce these same foods like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash etc. all in your backyard or in a more environmentally friendly manner. I hope to do this with Hillel and I know we already have a garden so I’m excited to get started,” said Lindsay.

For the upcoming semester Lindsay has several project ideas she hopes can come to fruition.

“I want to do a planting event near Sukkot to tie in the harvest of Sukkot by planting new herbs and spices around the Hillel house. Also, I want to do a bike event where we fix up the old bikes at the Hillel house and give them back to community. Instead of throwing it away it’s important we find a creative alternative,” added Lindsay.

Lindsay’s passion for sustainability isn’t all surprising when learning that she grew up in house that had sustainable components such as live chickens, which she calls her “pride and joy.” Back at home the chickens provide eggs for the family, and chicken excrement makes for strong fertilizer and has other sustainable uses around their home. Though, according to Lindsay the best part about chickens is that they are fun to have around the house.

Lindsay with an armful of chickens.

Some of Lindsay’s favorite hobbies include running on the endless trails around Fort Collins, cooking homemade meals, and spending time with her friends. If you are interested in getting involved with CSU Hillel’s sustainability efforts please sign up for our-> Chicken Tender signup.



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