CSU Taglit Birthright: Day Five

We began our day with a 4AM wake up call at the Bedouin tent, as we would be hiking up Masada and seeing sunrise from the top shortly.

We began our hike up Masada around 5AM, in which was a short 30minute hike up, but was quite beautiful as we reached the top.

Once we got to the top, we had a short discussion about the history of Masada and the reason behind it. We also happened to be witness to a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony at the top of Masada, as we watched the sun rise. After the sun fully rose atop Masada, we took a short tour of Masada seeing the different roman structures.

Once we returned back to the Bedouin camp, we had an amazing Bedouin breakfast, which was one of the best meals we have had on the trip. There were a variety of cheeses, breads, eggs, salads, and much more, accompanied with delicious Bedouin tea and coffee.

After breakfast, we were taken to go on a short camel ride to see how the Bedouin actually travelled back in the day. During the camel ride, there was a beautiful view of the canyons contained within the Negev desert. The Bedouin experience as a whole, allowed us to see what life was like without technology, electricity, vehicles, etc. and to experience the hospitality of the Bedouin people.

After we left the Bedouin compound, we headed to another nearby Bedouin village, in which we saw a short movie about Bedouin culture, lifestyle, and customs. After the movie, a young 18-year-old Bedouin girl answered any questions we had about Bedouin life. We mostly discussed was Bedouin marriage was like and how life differed between men and women in the Bedouin community. We also discussed the type of jobs and occupations Bedouin people had, as the world has progressed in terms of technology, medicine, business, etc. Overall, the Bedouin life style seems to be much different to that of what we are used to in America and other parts of Israel.

We then headed to the Dead Sea, which is the lowest place on earth at about minus 430 meters below sea level, in which we were able to float due to the high salt concentration of the water. It is a known fact that the high mineral and salt concentration of the dead helps people suffering from certain skin diseases such as cirrhosis and eczema.

After our float session at the Dead Sea and eating some lunch, we headed on the long drive to Jerusalem in which we would spend the next two nights. After arriving at the hotel in Jerusalem, checking in to our rooms, and having dinner we called it a night to prepare for the next days activities.