Student Spotlight: Emily Legatski

Hillel Leader – Emily Legatski

Another addition to the CSU Hillel leadership team this semester is Emily Legatski.

Emily, a junior and Human Development and Family Studies major, is from Castle Rock, Colorado. Emily came to Hillel after she a met a friend in a class who said she should stop by Hillel. That friend ended up being co-leadership team member, Lindsay Robinson and since then the pair have become best friends.

Emily’s position at Hillel is birthright coordinator. Her responsibilities are to round up as many CSU Jews to go on Birthright trips throughout the summer and winter. She says she partially took this position because she wanted to get more involved again in the Jewish community after going on her Birthright trip.

One aspect of Hillel Emily greatly enjoys is the community fostered by Hillel.

“It’s about connecting to a group of of people who you can connect with on a deeper level,” said Emily, “connecting to other Jewish people and forming bonds with the leadership team and learning their journeys and supporting others’ work in the organization is what Hillel is about.”

Emily hopes to continue as the Birthright coordinator in following semesters. In her free time outside of class and Hillel Emily is a caregiver on campus and volunteers at a Pediatric Occupational therapy clinic and hopes to become a Pediatric Occupational therapist herself. She also enjoys backpacking and camping with her friends, as well as hanging out with her dog Libby, an adorable 12 year-old Shih Tzu poodle.

Libby – Legatski family dog.

Come by an upcoming Hillel event or Shabbat and say hello to Emily and the rest of the leadership team!


My name is David Kravitz. I’m a senior journalism major and this semester I’m writing stories for Hillel. I love to tell stories and write. I’m originally from Washington state. I enjoy cooking, writing, laughing with friends and enjoy dogs more than people. 

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