CSU Hillel kicks off the semester with Annual BBQ

Kicking off the new semester, CSU Hillel hosted a Welcome Back BBQ for the Jewish community at CSU. This was part of Hillel’s opening “Jewunity week.” The BBQ is a great opportunity each year for new and returning Jewish students to come, connect, and build relationships with like-minded individuals and Jewish groups on campus and in the community.

The BBQ was hosted by Hillel, Chabad, as well as, AEPi and SAEPi, which are the Jewish fraternity and sorority chapters on campus respectively. It’s a great networking opportunity for each organization and for new Jews to meet and find commonalities. AEPi has their own house right next door to Hillel which makes being involved in both organizations seamless, and just recently the Jewish women at SAEPi are officially chartered so ask how to join!

“I always love bringing fellow Jews together, because it’s always a fun time and feels like family,” said sophomore Hillel Leader and AEPi member Alex Kaye.

For returning members of Hillel and the other Jewish organizations the BBQ is a meaningful event.

“It means alot to me – it’s a tradition. This is my second BBQ and it’s nice to reunite with the Jewish community of CSU to start off the year. Just meeting with new Jewish students on campus is always fun,” said fellow AEPi member Jacob Sorokin.

The BBQ, which lasted over two hours, was filled with burgers, hotdogs, laughter, and discussing the new additions to Hillel. New to the Hillel house this year is a chicken coop home to four lovely chickens. Additionally, there is a compost system that Hillel has created. These additions are part of Hillel’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. This will be a central theme of Hillel this year and into the future.

Students check out the new chickens at Hillel

For CSU Hillel director, Alex Amchi, the annual BBQ is just the beginning of each student’s Jewish journey at CSU.

“This is such a special way to off the semester! With all kinds of students from across the country, I hope each one finds their own way to step up as a Jewish leader on campus.”

The BBQ was followed by a Shabbat dinner co-sponsored by all four Jewish organizations on campus. If you missed the BBQ don’t worry! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest on Jewish events on and off campus! Lastly, what a win by our football team to open the new stadium! Go Rams!

Editor’s note:

Hello! My name is David Kravitz. I’m a senior journalism and media communications major. Over the course of the semester I’ll be updating the blog and social media with stories involving the Jewish community at CSU and Hillel. I’m very excited for this opportunity because this past May I went on my birthright trip to Israel which I loved. I hope you enjoy reading my work, and I greatly look forward to telling the stories of the amazing work Jewish students accomplish at CSU! Please contact me via Facebook or Twitter if you any stories or news you want shared.