Knowing Nofar: Colorado Hillel’s New Shlicha


Nofar Salman (Shlicha) – Photo credit: Hillel of Colorado

For the first time CSU Hillel has a Shlicha, or Israeli emissary. Nofar Salman will serve as the Shlicha for all three campus Hillels in Colorado.

Her role as a Shlicha is to be a role model for students and help facilitate understanding of Israel in a nuanced way for 21st century students. With a degree in Public Policy and Management Nofar has the skills to teach, guide and lead young Jewish students on campus and in the community.

“My main goal over the next year is to bring the facts about Israel from all sides and help form a connection to Israel for students that want a deeper connection to Israeli and Jewish culture,” said Salman

“Nofar has a lot to teach all of us – students, staff and the greater community – about Israel and we can’t wait to learn from her,” said Daniel W. Bennett, executive director of Hillel of Colorado.

CSU Hillel – Photo credit: CSU Hillel

Before coming to Colorado, Nofar served as a Stand With Us Fellow; youth coordinator in the Kiryat Ono Municipality in Israel; and a representative of the Student Union to the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament. Here she gained a great deal of experience in both sides of Israeli political discourse.

“After working in the Israeli parliament I wanted to see a new perspective beyond Israel because I know the argument of the left and right in Israel very well. I look at this new move to Colorado as an amazing opportunity to grow within myself and my own understanding of what it means to be Jewish,” added Salman.

To trigger deep conversation about Israel and Judaism, Nofar hopes to help connect students to Israel in a 21st century context. She plans to watch movies, videos and more hoping to cultivate deeper meaningful discussions about Israel, Judaism, the Jewish-Arab conflict and anything else students want to discuss.

“I believe deep conversation is a great way to educate people, as well, by listening to other perspectives and ideas it naturally opens up deeper conservations. I want to have conservations that tackle “the elephant in the room” so no topic is off limits.”

Knesset (Israeli Parliament) – Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

For a little personal background, Nofar comes from a family of seven, one of which is her twin brother.  And if you’re a dog person you may want to forget the fact that she’s an avid cat lover, however, outside of animals interests she’s already getting familiar with Colorado’s music scene. 

“I grew up with a dog when I was little, but I love cats. I want to adopt one at some point. I also love music, and actually already went to Red Rocks Amphitheatre already and loved it. Once winter comes I hope to go to the mountains and ski too, I’ve never gone before!”

If you have questions for Nofar or want check out her Facebok page or if you’re interested in planning a CSU Hillel ski trip go the CSU Hillel Facebook page or email