Hillel of Colorado Sends 20 students on Birthright

This summer, more students than ever before joined Hillel of Colorado on a meaning filled Birthright-Taglit Israel trip. Students from The University of Denver and Colorado State University came together to fill half of the bus – 20 students – that explored Israel’s history, holy sites and modern life. From the holy Northern hills to the dry Southern dessert students got to see, smell, taste, and connect to their rich heritage, the depth of Judaism, and to each other.  

For many this was a first visit to Israel, their eyes wide open taking in the diversity of Jews in black hats in Tzfat to Jews in rainbow tank tops on the beaches of Tel Aviv. For others this trip gave them an opportunity to see and meet family that lives thousands of miles away. For two University of Denver students this was a chance to become a Bnai Mitzvah – to take on their Jewish identity in a new way. For all the students this was a life changing experience to go with a cohort of friends from college to explore their Jewish Identity.  

The connections with fellow participants, with the 8 Israeli Soldiers that joined our trip, with newfound love for falafel, with their kind of Jewish that they got to explore on this trip will last a lifetime.  


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