Tid Bits O Torah Episode 2

Tid Bits O Torah is a new weekly video series put together by our DU Hillel Director of Jewish Student Life – Lily Gross

Here is a link to watch the second episode https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKCiSkNAgsa/ and below is the transcript.


So last week we were introduced to our main man Moses who was born illegally in Egypt in a time where Pharaoh wanted to kill all the Jewish baby boys. But he was saved and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter and oh so ironically raised in the palace until one day he kills an Egyptian for hurting a Jew and oops so he runs away into the desert and falls in love and finds a burring bush – gd – and learns gds plan to save the Jews and that Moses will be the one to do it! 


We arrive in this portion of Varea while gd is speaking to Moses; “I AM THE LORD” gd says, I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as El Shadai – the almighty one – but i did not make my self known as YHVH – the father, mother, son, and daughter all encompassing so much that you humans cant even say this name . Gd then explains the covenant the land of Canaan he promised, and that gd hears the pains of the Israelites and gd remembers the promises made. This almighty gd will follow through and save these people and shall be their gd. They will have their freedom in the land promised to the patriarchs, and will be there gd. When mosses says this to the Israelites they scoff “how could this “Gd” save us after so many years of this terrible affliction?!” 


Gd gets going on his plan anyways, and says to Moses “ Go to Pharaoh and say (the classic) LET ME PEOPLE GO”. Moses is not so sure about this I mean if the people don’t even believe him, why would Pharoah especially with his impaired speech…. But gd is adamant and demands that Moses and his brother Aaron ask Pharoah to “LET MY PEOPLE GOOO”. 


The torah then breaks down the male lineage of who is whos son from the sons of Jacob to the land of Egypt. When we get to Levi, we get back on track with the father – Amaram – and Mother – Jochebed – who bear Moses and Aaron. This is just a nice check in reminder that they really were the same chosen people. 


Gds ready and commands Moses to tell Pharoh – you know the thing – but Moses is nervous! He brings up his imparied speech again. Gd finds the middle ground and invites Aaron -the older brother- to be the “prophet” and say what Moses can’t, and they agree. Gd lets them know the the task will actually be even harder than they thought because Gd is purposely going to harden Pharaoh’s heart so that gd can show the true almighty power and the Egyptians and Jews alike see the power of YHVH!! 


Off 83 year old Aaron and 80 year old Moses go to ask Pharaoh the question. Gd gives them a little trick to show their alliance with the powerful almighty and in front of Pharaoh and his courtiers Aaron casts down his staff which slithers away as a serpent. The Egyptian magicians showed the same trick but Aarons snake ate their staff snakes as a snack. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and he was unimpressed, he said nah i wont let your people go. 


The next morning while Pharaoh was at the edge of the waters of the Nile, Moses goes up to him and says “LET MY PEOPLE GO” if you don’t, gd and I will turn this river into blood. Pharaoh said no and all the water in the Nile was blood and everyone was thirsty for gd. 

Seven days later gd says to Moses “time to try again! Go ask Pharaoh to let my people go so that they may worship me! To show him how serious we are lets over run the country with frogs!!!” So Aaron and Moses take the staff to the water and overrun the country with frogs. Pharaoh comes to them and says “get these frogs out and ill let you pray to this silly gd.” A deal was struck, the frogs would be gone and the Israelites could go pray to their gd TOMORROW. But when gd got rid of the frogs, and Pharaoh saw relief, he changed his mind. 


Aaron and Moses were pissed, they were so close and then …. Alright gd said lets show Pharaoh what else we can do. Aaron takes the staff to the dust of the earth and vermin came crawling out! While lice plagued the people and animals of the land of Egypt, Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and say “LET MY PEOPLE GO that they may worship me” this time they throw in a threat “ for if you do not, swarms of insects will be let loose on the people of Egypt”. 


And what do you know, the next day locus rained upon the land of Egypt but where the Israelites where was totally fine. Pharaoh called to Moses and said” FINE go worship your gd then but you must stay here and keep working!’ Now this was not good enough for what gd was asking, Moses replied “our prayers are too much for you. We need time and space to worship our gd. Give us at least three days to go into the wilderness and do our Jewish thing.” Pharaoh was itching all over and conceded “when you get rid of these insects, you may go, as long as yall dont go too far, you may go and please pray for me.” Moses is so stoked and tells gd that it worked! So gd takes away the insects. 


The next day Moses comes back ready to leave with his people, and Pharaoh says jokes on you, you’re staying. WHAT well gd was prepared. With this no came death for the livestock of the Egyptians – but not for the Israelites #thanksgd. Pharaoh remained stubborn and said no. 


The next day, gd instructed Aaron and Moses and they took handfuls of soot to Pharaoh and threw it in the air, as it came down, boil erupted on the skins of all the people and animals. Pharaoh still just kept saying no no no even though his skin was going ooo, ow, ooh. 


The  next day gd sent Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh to tell him how much he has been messing up  and since you keep saying no, more terrible things are to come. Moses then raised his staff to the sky and the most horrible hail that ever came to the earth fell upon the land flattening it, upon livestock killing them, and upon people killing them too. Only in the place of the Israelites did the hail not fall. Pharaoh pleaded with Moses to ask gd to stop, saying the  lord was in the right and they would be allowed to go if the hail would stop. So Moses raised his hands pleaded with gd and the hail stopped. And of course Pharaoh with his stiff heart said no……

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